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Match report & Fantasy wk 19 update - Lindsell Away 30/07

04 Aug 2022

Good afternoon all

Please see attached the Fantasy update. The spreadsheet is now updated courtesy of Alex Wells

Thanks again Yido.

Katie Logan is top of the table at present. Wellsy close behind - both have had their double point game

played. Geoff and Kez are sitting 3rd and 4th but both have double pointer games to go.

The sheet is up to date following last weekends result against Lindsell


Saturday 30th July, we travelled to Lindsell - small village near Dunmow. 

A very hot but overcast day made for interesting conditions........a few pre-match pints and we were 


Dan was skipper for the day off the back of his last 2 wins. He lost the toss and we were elected to 


Dan selected Wellsy and Jeppo to open the bowling.

Wellsy has a short spell to start and was taken off after 4 overs. Dan electing to reduce the pace

as they took a shine to the quicker bowling and the outfield was fast.

Jeppo was bowled straight through for his 7 overs and 1 for 33 off 7 overs with 2 maidens. His wicket

was caught and bowled.

Barry Lock was back in the side and good to see him back in the field. He was to bowl and had a couple

of overs before being pulled. 0 for 28 off 2. 

Cal was in the mix. We were trying to break up the partnership and got a wicket in the 2nd over.

I caught it fielding in short above my head. 

We then had struggle. The batsmen had there eye in and one was hitting some big shots.

Gary Nice, back playing after 4 years and trying to entice to play for us more frequently. Gary

went for 32 off 5

Dan came on for Cal - Cal not finished his spell but mixing the bowling to get a wicket. Dan

had been keeping wicket up to drinks and Minndo took over. Dan had 4 overs and then 1 at the end

as miscounted how many were remaining. They liked his bowling and went 0 for 59 off 5.

Wellsy came back on to finish his spell - finished 7 overs, 1 maiden 0 for 69 

Cal also finished his spell and managed to get the big hitter out. He hit miles in the air and was coming

my way. Will Stacey trying to have a conversation with my whilst watching it slap my hands and he was


I had a bowl but was 0 for 20 off 3 overs.

The order in which this all happened is a little jumbled as tried to forget it. It wasn't the finest fielding 

performance and they set 285 from 35 overs

There were no teas, but had an outside bar. We mulled over what had happened and skipper set

the order to chase this down.

Tris was opening and I was selected number 2. 

I had a short visit as got tangled and was LBW. Although their wickie thought it was going down leg -

I was out for 2 and should have been caught on first shot. Fortunately the field had been drinking

Bev, back after being injured, was in for a short while before being caught on 14 runs.

Dan joined Tris at the crease. Trying to spur us on and get towards the total - which was running away

from us. Tris fell for 36 runs after being bowled.

Minndo joined Dan for a short stint, departing for 5 before being bowled. 

Jeppo in next, bowled for 3. 

Wellsy. Stayed a while but was caught out for 11.

Gary Nice, played some shots and was very quick running with Dan but was bowled for 9.

Will Stacey - worried he wouldn't get a bat or bowl, was in and had time to score. He hit his first 4 and

another soon after. Finished on 13 before being caught

Dan was to depart for 34 after being bowled.

It was over to Barry and Cal (the master of the not outs this year)

Cal using his big guns and smashing 4s for fun. Even a huge 6 across the road.

It did come to and end and even though they gave some of their others a bowl - there was a 15 ball 

over due to wides and no balls - it was not meant to be and we were all out for 194. Extras the 4th

highest scorer of the day for us.

Dan's reign as skipper was over and we decided a few beers and a Curry may help to get over the 


We have a week off this week but we play again at Dedham on 14th August.