Leavenheath Cricket Club

Leavenheath Cricket Club - LCC PONTOON!



The Rules:

1.        Teams are selected randomly by the Committee

2.        All goals scored by a team in any weekend (Fri-Mon inc.) fixture are counted

3.        Domestic League, cup and play off games will count. Friendlies (inc Charity Shield) and European Games will not.

4.        The first team to total exactly 11 or 21 goals will win

5.        Once a team reaches 11 or 21 goals that pontoon will stop. The members will be notified on the LCC Website and What’s App that someone has won.

6.        If a team exceeds 21 they are out of that current game

7.        Cup and play off games include extra time, but not penalties

8.        If a team plays more than once over the Friday-Monday period only the first game will count

9.        If your team does not play over the weekend period or the game is abandoned, then you will be awarded 2 goals, irrespective of the reasons for same.

10.      Each time a game is started the teams are redrawn for everyone. You should not have the same team consecutively

11.      Pontoon will start on the weekend of November 30th 2019 and end on the weekend of 2nd May 2020 and will resume in the new season 2020-2021.

12.      The current team allocation and leader board will is available to view, please see below. 

13. It only costs £2 per month per with a chance of winning £14 or the lowest total prize of £2! 

Fund raising : Rob Sherriff                                                                                                          
Tel 07769117734 or e mail bewdleybloomers@aol.com

LCC Pontoon Leaderboard
th December 2019

Name Team Total Goals
Andy Carr Bournemouth 1
Dave Little Aston Villa 2
Rob Sherriff Burnley 1
Denise Sherriff Southampton 6
Stewart Wells Chelsea 2
Emily Wells Man City 5
Luca Wells Leicester 3
Stuart Logan Man Utd 6
Victoria Logan Watford 6
Katie Logan Liverpool 4
Tris Skinner West Brom 2
Tommy Skinner Newcastle 3
Ed Sutcliffe Brighton 3
Geoff Wells Wolves 5
Hilary Wells Arsenal 1
Andy Kirkpatrick Preston 1
Chris Chown Leeds 2
Dave Porter West Ham 2
Julian Nicholls Tottenham 4
Mick Dunkley Everton 3
Tom Jepsom Norwich 3
Barry Lock Sheff Utd 2
Callum Waugh Crystal Palace 3